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I'm a bilingual (French, English) European American, tinkerer and thinkerer of many thingerers! Too many thingerers for this highly specialized world I fear. I've been fortunate to be able to pursue my wide-range of interests (besides the "arts" presented here, I enjoy learning about fundamental physics, AI, taking apart/fixing electronics, coding...). I believe in being well-rounded and having an inter-disciplinary mindset – after all, scientists dance, and dancers are scientific!

Eclectic and playful I may be, but not untethered. I’ve learned that, schemes and projects are worthless unless people are at the heart of them. The work may be humble or grand, providing entertainment or provoking reflection, but ultimately it is how one cares for people, how one tends to their growth and flourishing, that makes one's work valuable. Personally, I have been given much; I can only hope to give as much in return through whatever work is generously entrusted to me.

Please enjoy perusing what I have to offer. Thanks for stopping by!

Cristian Trout

MA Philosophy 2021,

University of British Columbia

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